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Welcome to Italian Inspiration just a few house rules to ensure you receive the best experience from our team

A few tips before you reach our price list

  • All first time or not coloured for 6 months colour services must have a patch test a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment

  • All Prices are from and everyone is welcome to a free consultation.

  • We require a 48-hour cancellation notice via our main phone line salon number (01483 772288) or by emailing If we do not receive the required notice we reserve the right to charge a minimum of £20 for a cut and blow-dry or £50 for a colour


Cutting & Styling

*All prices listed below are starting from*


                                                                            Stylist                                  1st Year Stylist

Cut & Finish                                                                                      £54.90 to £64.90                 £44.90 to £49.90 

Wet Cut                                                               £44.90 to £49.90                    £34.90 to £39.90

Blowdry                                                               £26.90 to £36.90                 £24.90 to £27.90

If adding GHD curl or straightening - £5 to £10



Cut & Finish                                                          £29.90                                      £26.90

Wet Cut                                                               £27.90                                    £24.90




                                                                            Stylist                                  1st Year Stylist

                                                                            (Mon - Thurs)

Girl 11-15 w/cut                                                   £24.90 to £34.90                        £19.90

Girl 0-10  w/cut                                                     £18.90 to £22.90                   £16.90


                                                 ADDITIONAL £5 FOR BLOWDRY FOR GIRLS

                                                                           (Mon - Thurs)


Boy 11-15                                                             £21.90                                       £19.90

Boy 0-10                                                                                        £18.90                                   £16.90


Colour & Volume

 All prices are from - prices may vary upon consultation and technique used and length of hair

                                                                              Stylist                                  1st Year Stylist

Full Head Highlights, Cut & Finish                         £129.90                                £89.90

Half Head Highlights, Cut & Finish                        £99.90                                   £79.90

Tint/ Colour touch, Cut & Finish                                    £99.90                                    £79.90

Tint/ Colour touch Only                                          £69.90                                    £59.90

Colour Correction                                                  Price based on consultation


Volume and Perms

Body Perm Cut & Finish                                             £104.90

Curl Perm Cut & Finish                                          £99.90

Wave Perm Cut & Finish                                       £94.90

                                                                            Stylist                                   1st Year Stylist

Balayage (Prices from)                                        £139.90                               £119.90


Redken Camouflage Colour                                  £79.90

Discreetly camouflages those grey hairs at the basin.

*For Consideration* 

We recommend a Complimentary consultaion to all new clients.

Skin testing is required 48 hours prior to any chemical service.

Hair Extensions

All appointments and prices are available on a free consultation.

We require a 50% deposit and if needed to purchase new hair the deposit is non-refundable for any cancellations.

Highest quality hair

discreetly used and installed with no glue, no heat and no braids used.

100% Russian human hair, very comfortable with all hair types including very short hair


 Redken Professional treatments                                                                    £15

Olaplex - Olaplex works to repair broken hair bonds.  

Benefit of Olaplex 

  • Stronger hair

  • Prevents Breakage                                                Stand Alone £25

Additional Services


La Brasiliana 


The La Brasilliana pure keratin treatment can be used on all hair types, leaving the hair looking shiny, youthful and revitalised. This non chemical treatment lasts for months and needs minimal maintenance.

Prices from vary on length of hair                                      Stylist                         1st Year Stylist

La Brasiliana BlowDry with home care products                 £169.90                       POA

La Brasiliana BlowDry without home care products        £129.90                         £99.90



Opti Smooth Chemical Straightener


Smooth and de frizz for unruly , hard to manage hair. Opti Smooth is a unique chemically straightening system, for that perfect straight hair. 

 Prices from vary on length of hair                                    Stylist                                   

Opti Smooth Chemical Straightener, Cut & blowdry       £169.90



Hair up

Hair up

Dressing Hair will be priced on consultation depending on the length of time.

Prices start from £39.90

                                                                                           Stylist                                     1st Year Stylist

30 Minutes Appointment                                                    £54.90                                        £39.90

45 Minutes Appointment                                                           £64.90                                       £44.90

1 Hour Appointment                                                                  £69.90                                       £49.90


*All prices above are starting from*

Your wedding day is special, and want hair that becomes part of that look. 

So come in for a free consultation to make sure you get what you dream of.

Ensure you have that look by booking a trial

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